Motor Home Coverage

Here's a brief summary of some highlights of the Foremost motor home policy available through FX Insurance Agency.

Feature Foremost
Other than Collision and Collision Coverage Gives your customers important coverage for just about any accidental loss.
Attached Accessories Foremost gives your customers coverage for awnings, satellite dishes and other special items attached to their motor homes.
Coverage for Personal Property Foremost policies provide comprehensive coverage for personal belongings. Optional replacement cost coverage is available, too.
Total Loss Replacement Coverage If your customer is the original owner of the motor home, they qualify for this optional coverage. It pays for a new motor home — no matter what the cost — if their rig is destroyed within the first five years after its model year because of an insured loss.
TraveLine® Towing & Roadside Assistance If your customer's motor home is disabled anywhere in the United States or Canada, they can call Foremost's toll-free TraveLine® for a tow or roadside help.
Emergency Expense Coverage Unlike typical auto policies, a Foremost RV policy pays for temporary housing or travel expenses to get your customer home if their RV is damaged while they are on the road. Foremost will even pay to transport their damaged RV to a repair center or to a storage facility.
Full-Timer Insurance Package This special package offers broad collision and other than collision coverage and provides liability protection very similar to a homeowners policy. It also covers your customers when they are parked and using their rig as a residence.
No Mileage, Age or Amount of Use Restrictions Some insurance companies get fussy if your customers use their rig often, are an older driver or drive a lot of miles. Not Foremost.
24-Hour Claim Reporting Your customers can call Foremost's toll-free claims number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (1-800-527-3907) to reach a trained RV claim representatives. Customers can also file a claim online at
Expert Claim Service Foremost claim adjusters are RV specialists and go through intensive training to learn how and where to get your customers' RVs fixed right the first time.
Easy Quoting and Booking We can quote and book a policy right over the phone in just minutes. Call FX Insurance Agency toll-free at 1-800-527-3905.

Note: You do not have binding authority. The information in this section about coverages is not a policy document. Please contact FX Insurance Agency at 1-800-527-3905 for detailed information on coverages, limits, deductibles and restrictions.

Promotional Materials

Here's a brief summary of some of the motor home materials you can order from FX Insurance Agency. To order supplies, just give us a call at 1-877-270-3452, and have your FX Insurance Agency number ready.

Title and Description Form #

Total Loss Replacement Coverage Insert

Explains the highlights and benefits of this popular optional coverage. An example of a case where an RV is destroyed and replaced with a brand new RV of like kind and quality illustrates how customers can save thousands of dollars with this coverage option.

TraveLine® Towing and Roadside Assistance Insert

Details to customers many features of Foremost's 24-hour roadside assistance program. Includes such highlights as 24-hour dispatching, coverage throughout the United States and Canada, locksmith service, fuel delivery and more.

Motor Home Product Card

Provides features and benefits of the Foremost Boat program for use with customers.

Outdoors Brochure

Provides an overview of the Foremost Outdoors product line, including motor home.

Quote or Book Business

To quote or book a policy, simply call 1-800-527-3905 and select the FX Insurance Agency prompt. We're available to help Monday - Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time.

File a Claim

Policyholders can file a claim anytime by visiting or calling 1-800-527-3907.